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Ring Floodlight Cam is the first HD security camera with built-in floodlights, two-way talk and a siren alarm. Floodlight Cam shines the lights and starts recording as soon as motion is detected. And you’ll also get an alert on your phone and tablet to let you know that someone’s at your home. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to people on your property from anywhere. Floodlight Cam connects to standard junction boxes and easily replaces existing wired floodlights. It also comes with a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Plus, so you can review, save and share all your Ring videos at anytime, with anyone.

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Type 5
Model N/A
Features Brand New with Original Packaging
Power Source
Item Height 5
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Manufacturer Warranty (Months) 3

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    It does not say if the product is wireless or not. Most people are looking for wireless

    February 10, 2021
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    Bought a new ring spot light camera. Installed the unit, and tried to register it to only find out there is already another owner registered to my device making it useless unless I can track down this mysterious person.See more

    January 21, 2021
  • Avatar


    Love this WiFi Cam Floodlight!See more

    January 15, 2021
  • Avatar


    I have several. Great productSee more

    December 5, 2020
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    Hard ti set Parameters, the guidance and provided information is very vague. For example, the doorbell, I was trying to hardwire as we are out of town alot. It turns out that it gives a picture of what is needed but no where in the instruction manual tells you where to get the additional parts, how to put it together etc. For the cost there should be more custyomet supporty. No phone numbers for support, etc. etc. Would not recommend, too much time disassembling and putting in batteries……

    May 24, 2020
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    This is a high quality product. The lighting system is powerful and reaches far into the distance to keep intruders away. Lighting can be set closer or further, depending upon your needs, but the lights are extremely bright and penetrating. The system also tells you if there is movement in it’s range. Very sensitive. I had a flower pot blown in the wind and the system alerted me to it. I feel much more secure with this system.

    February 11, 2020
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    Have purchased several of this item. It performs very well and has great clarity as well. The wiring and setup is quite easy after installation, it basically walks you through the initial setup. The Ring app is great as I’m able to keep an eye on more than one location on the same app. With firestick I can even ask Alexa to pull any of the cameras up on the big screen tv too! I would recommend this and any of the Ring products, so far I’ve only purchased the ones that have required wiring in or plugging them in other than the doorbell which has a battery and two wires from your existing doorbell, but hasn’t required any charging since installed a couple of months ago. All good stuff!! Very happy with everything! Oh also I read in the event that any of your cameras were stolen, call the police and with a police report Ring will replace your items. What a great guarantee to have!!! No complaints here!!

    February 5, 2020
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    Extremely sensitive for motion! Even set for man sized objects, a large dog is easily detected. Squirrels can set it off on high sensitivity. Can detect motion at long range. An excellent security camera that has powerful led flood lighting when triggered.

    November 26, 2019
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    Floodlight unit when fully setup and functionalis great. But alas the unit has a bad drawback that must be fixed by RING. As with other camera units during setup phase the Ring “App” says wait till it puts the device in “Setup Mode”. Well in my camera devices this never works, the device sits there dumb and happy. I am then forced to manuall hit the device reset button. Well for the doorbell that’s only a small 4 foot hight, but for the flood light device I wanted to set it up and mount on house at 12 feet high. I am tall but I cannot reach without using a ladder. So guess what I mounted the flood light device height at 9 feet so at least I can reach that dumb reset button. Eventually I got the flood device installed it has now been stable on my EERO based WiFi network for 7 days – so I only give Ring an overall 3 star rating. 2nd problem is my ISP says my data transfer rates have climbed dramatically and they want to charge me more. I asked the help folks at Ring what is the storage size of the “motion alert” and “doorbell ring” videos. No answer given (big secret) . Guess I’ll have to reason why the alert files are all 1 minute and 5 seconds long. Well Ring I need these details to manage my ISP “Data” transfer costs in bytes to correctly manage my ISP charges – yes – it is great that Ring has cloud storage. I prefer and recommend that RING support a network Hard Drive for local storage of my alerts videos. $3 /month/camera is kind of high.

    January 17, 2019

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