Merkury Innovations Smart Plug

Upgrade your household appliances and operate them from anywhere with Merkury Innovation Smart Plugs. Installation is easy, just plug in the outlet and download the Geeni smart home app for step-by-step connection instructions. Operate your everyday electronics like the coffee machine, fan, or…


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Start your humidifier before you even get home. Turn on a fan or a lamp. Just plug anything into the SMART PLUG and turn it on and off from anywhere with the Geeni app. Paired with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana, you can control your electronics with just the power of your voice.

Merkury Innovations Smart Plug

  • No hub required, Wi-Fi is built in
  • Plug in, download the free Geeni app and start controlling your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world
  • Slim and compact design will blend into your power outlet without blocking adjacent slots
  • Works with Amazon Alexa,The Google Assistant and  Microsoft Cortana

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The Best Smart Plugs of 2021 - Reviewed
December 10, 2020 - Reviewed

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  • Avatar


    Installing the smart plugs was so easy. I just had to plug it in, install the app, connect to my internet, and sync the smart plugs. It took less than five minutes. I like that I don’t have to use the app if I don’t want too. There is a button on the side of the smart plug that allows you to switch it off and on even if you’ve never connected it to the app. The app does have a lot of useful features that make it worth it to install. The app makes it easy to turn on and off hard to reach plug-ins. I am currently using them for lamps in my living room. It is useful having the option to turn my lamp’s on with the app instead of getting up. Another great feature is that while using the app you can turn the plugs on or off as long as you have an internet connection, even if you are not home. You can also set the smart plugs on a schedule or timer. The app works perfectly on my android, but there is also an app available for IOS. The smart plugs have a slim design that only takes the space of one plug-in. The white color helps it blend in with the outlet. The WI-FI is built into the plug so that there is no extra hub required. When the smart plug in on it has a blue indicator light letting you know that it is on.See more

    July 28, 2020
  • Avatar


    These are good Wi-Fi smart plugs. Once the app is installed and the devices are connected, pressing the button to turn an electronic on and off is very responsive and quick. The only reason why I gave them 4 stars is because they are actually very difficult to put a plug into. I think this can be seen as both a good and bad thing. It can be seen as a good thing because they are secure and keep the plug plugged into them. It can also be seen as a bad thing because you have to plug the electronic into it first before you plug the device into the outlet. Overall, I would recommend this product.See more

    July 23, 2020
  • Avatar


    The Merkury Innovations Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a great new age way to turn off and on whatever you want, with just the use of your voice. This has a simple set up, but I did have one plug that did not work right even though this came with two in the pack. I kept wondering if it was because of a lamp that I had to use a click switch to turn on, but that was not the case with the other plug I used. I was able to rename the plugs to be able to command it with my Echo Show (Alexa) and it was very easy to use. I could connect the non-working plug to our network but it would not turn anything on even if it was a simple plug to charge my phone. These plugs are not bulky and have a decent simple look. I would suggest to anyone looking to upgrade their devices to be able to control them with their voice. I do give this a five star review, for the one that does work! You can use this with a google assistant as well.See more

    July 21, 2020
  • Avatar


    I received a Merkury Innovations smart wifi plug. Note that this does require 2.4 GHz wifi. Setup was a breeze and it paired nicely with the Alexa. This plug is easy to use with voice commands with Alexa. As for the app, it is convenient to use and turn your smart plug on and off remotely. I am able to turn my lamp on remotely, to make it appear as if I am home even if I am not. This is a freaky nice safety feature for me being a single female. I plan on buying more of these for other rooms in my house. They are great if you want to convert your home into more of a smart home.See more

    July 19, 2020
  • Avatar


    I am so happy to have discovered the Merkury Innovations Wi-Fi Smart Plug.. First of all, it is so simple to use You simply plug it into any outlet, thenplugbthebitem you want to use with it into the unit, and done!!You now have control of whatever you have pluggedin. Simply download the app, plug in and connect. You can now control your fan, lights tv and morefromm your phone. No more getting up at night to turnthe light off. Now I can turn it off from my phone. I now have purchased several of these so I can controlall of my lights and more. Easy to install and use, I would indeed recommend.See more

    July 16, 2020
  • Avatar


    These smart plugs were really easy to set up and use. I am currently using one for a light in my living room and the other one for the light in my bedroom. They work great.I set them up to work with Google. That was a little more complicated. When I just set up one plug, then set it up to work with Google, it worked perfectly. However, when I set up the other plug, then tried to connect that one to work with Google also, Google recognized it, but said that the smartplug was offline. I had to remove the syncing to geeni with Google, then add it again in order for both smart plugs to work. I’m not sure if that’s a problem on the manufacturers end or Googles end, but it’s something to be aware of. Once I got that bug worked out, the plugs have been working perfectly.See more

    July 11, 2020
  • Avatar


    I was so excited when I received these Merkury Innovations Smart plugs, I wanted to set them up right away! My hubby and I are updating our home to more of a ‘smart home’. These Merkury WiFi Smart plugs are going to be put to use, right away! The set-up process was relatively easy, and I’m not that experienced in Smart Tech, but I’m learning. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. Just download the Geenie app on your IOS or Android phone. Be sure you have your Wi-Fi network and the password info. handy. The instructions show you how to connect, add the device, set up the Wi-Fi, and how to add your device. I’ve had these plugs hooked up for a little over a week, and I am really so excited. They are wonderful! No hiccups. We have added more to our home. I love this technology, I’m so impressed with these plugs and how well they are to set up. what else is impressive is the app. You can not only turn on/off using the app, but you can set up schedules for when you want them to come on/off, and how long you want them to stay on. These plugs work great with our echo. Now I can ask Alexa to turn on the fans, lights, coffeemaker, string lights on the patio. I am so impressed and just thankful for this kind of quality in a product….Excellent.See more

    July 9, 2020
  • Avatar


    This Smart Plug is so simple to connect- just like connecting any Bluetooth device! Took me all but 1-2 minute to Download app, register, and connect. I like that it doesn’t take over/block the other socket in the wall. You can set an alarm to turn it he device off or on. I have an iPhone so it was the same way I set my daily alarms, so it was really simple for me. Testing was fun as I had my young children involved but they were amazed that I was able to set the fan to come on before we got back to the house. I haven’t tried it with anything heavy duty such as my AC but that’s because my AC has a timer on it already. Overall, I think this is a pretty easy gadget to use and I’m not the most tech savvy mom lol. I certainly can use at least to be more of these smart plugs!See more

    July 8, 2020
  • Avatar


    I must say, I was a little hesitant to try this new Merkury technology. ! I’m a senior and new to all this ‘Smart’ technology, and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it to work.The instructions are fabulous. They give you step by step direction for both your android and IOS phones. You just download the Geeni App, register, Verify, and make sure your WI-FI is connected, then plug it in. It was so easy to do just following the directions. There is also a ‘reset button’ if you need to start over. I have the package of two Merkury Smart WI-FI plugs. I have one connected to a lamp in my family room. The other is connected to my bedroom light. I am so happy. I have had the plugs for a couple of weeks now and have used them everyday and have had no problem at all operating them. Turning them on and off manually, setting up a schedule to turn on and off or turning it on and having it turn off in a certain amount of time. So many options. So many uses, making your life easier with these Smart plugs and your phone. I was just thinking I should get a few more so I can hook up my coffee maker to one. This tech is so great!These plugs really work great! They are easy to set up, even for one that isn’t very tech savvy.Love this technology from Merkury.See more

    July 8, 2020
  • Avatar


    Installation was quick and easy, instructions were uncomplicated and everything connected right away. I had one plug connected to a lamp in the bedroom that I linked to an Echo Dot so I can control with voice command. Connection is always stable; I’ve never had trouble ever since I first used it. You can also control the plug with the Alexa app or the Geenie app. Both works fine and you can set timer, switch it on and off and set schedules.I am using the other in the bathroom where I plug my hair devices. It keeps me at ease knowing that I can check if I turned off my flat iron before leaving the house.This is a great plug overall. I highly recommend!See more

    July 7, 2020

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